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Minnesota Construction Law Services, PLLC is excited to offer online legal services for the convenience of our clients. These services include legal forms which you prepare by answering questions online via a simple questionnaire bundled with legal review and advice from our attorneys for a fixed and reasonable price. The available forms include Minnesota estate planning documents including wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives; small business legal services including incorporation and organization of a limited liability company; construction documents including customer agreements, required disclosures, and subcontractor agreements — all online.

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Accessing Online Legal Services is Easy!

Our online legal service is called MyLegalAffairs™. You’ll find it easy to set up and use and very convenient. Here’s how it works: MyLegalAffairs™ gives you 24/7 real-time access to a secure client portal which you access with a username and password you create. Your client portal provides a very secure space that only you and those you choose can access. You and your lawyer will use your secure portal to exchange information, view your files, monitor updates, communicate status changes, and generally stay in touch on all of your legal affairs with the firm. There are no hidden fees or costs to use your MyLegalAffairs™ client portal.

At Minnesota Construction Law Services, you have the option of having your documents prepared for you by our Attorney, or you can prepare them yourself and have our Attorney review them prior to delivery through our online system.

We provide you with a variety of choices for the delivery of services so that you can access legal services the way that works best for you. You’ll never have to travel to a law office, wait for long periods of time to talk with a lawyer, or miss work to access our services. Getting answers to your questions is as simple as submitting a question via email or creating an appointment online for consultations via telephone.

Easy 3-Step Procedure to Access Services and Prepare Your Documents!

1. Complete an Online Questionnaire

To create your document, all you need to do is answer a simple online questionnaire. As you answer each question, your document is automatically tailored to your individual circumstances. You don’t have to worry about filing in the questionnaire. Explanations of what you need to do are provided every step of the way. If you’re ever unsure of anything just give us a call. And don’t forget you can save your document at any time and return to it later to complete it. You just need to fill in a simple online registration form first. Of course, our Attorney will be reviewing your document when you’ve finished so you’ll have the confidence of knowing that the document you created will stand up in court.

2. Submit your document to our lawyers for review and analysis

Once you have answered all the questions in the questionnaire, you pay online for your document and submit it to our Attorney, who’ll make sure it’s correct and suitable for your circumstances. Submitting the document is easy, too. Just a click of a button and MyLegalAffairs™ automatically forwards your document through our system to our Attorney. We’ll then be in touch via email or phone within four working days with further instructions.

3. Print and sign your document

When your document has been reviewed and approved, you’ll be given full instructions on how to print it and what to do next. Our secure, password-protected, online storage facility means you can access your document at any time. If your document requires modification later on, we can take care of that and replace the original document with the revised one in your secure online storage space. You’ll always have access to current, compliant, documents for your important needs.

Benefits of Our Online System:

  • We help Minnesota small businesses and individuals deal with their legal problems without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, or resorting to non-lawyer alternatives.
  • We offer Minnesota legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee.
  • Unlike other online legal forms providers, we also offer traditional legal services billed either through our Legal Services Protection Plans, on a fixed-fee basis per project, or by the hour, at your direction depending on the matter and the type of legal problem.
  • Within your MyLegalAffairs™ secure client portal, you can purchase the legal services that we offer, and your entire transaction can be conducted online.
  • You can also communicate securely with your Attorney online and upload your documents to your secure client portal for attorney review.
  • To purchase a legal form bundled with legal advice, you start by completing an online questionnaire. You can start your questionnaire for free.

What could be better?

  • And, for further peace of mind, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we’ll do our utmost to correct the situation or provide you with a full refund – whichever you prefer.
  • It’s as easy as that! If you would like to have legal guidance when completing a document, or would like it to be done for you, please contact Minnesota Construction Law Services via telephone at 651-470-3669 or by e-mail at

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