Courtney J. Ernston Joins Minnesota Construction Law Services

Attorney Courtney Ernston photoCourtney J. Erston joined Minnesota Construction Law Services this month as a full-time attorney. She had previoulsly worked with the firm on a contract basis and practiced law at her own firm for more than three years.

“I grew up in a family construction business, served as its general counsel and understand firsthand the business and legal challenges that contractors face. Bill, Shelley, and the way they work with clients are a perfect fit for my legal experience, interests, and personality,” the St. Paul lawyer said.

Courtney acknowledged that some contractors might wonder whether a woman knows enough about construction and can work with guys in the industry. She looks forward to putting those concerns to rest.

“I'm every bit as comfortable on a job site as in a courtroom,” she said.

Whether you're looking for advice about building codes, prevailing wage or contracts, or you're grappling with a DOLI investigation, an immigration question or a collections problem, Courtney’s got your back.

Here’s an example of how she thinks. Whether you know it or not, companies and online services that process pre-lien notices and file liens have no liability to get it right because they make you sign a waiver. However, the Supreme Court would hold Courtney responsible, as your lawyer, for the accuracy of the information in the notices, correct statutory language, and meeting stringent deadlines. When she handles your liens, she will verify everything and take responsibility. More importantly, she will ask questions to make sure that filing a lien is the best path to get you paid. Filing a lien can delay the collection process by a year or more. There may be a more effective route. Courtney will help you decide.

The point is, typical lien services just process paperwork. As your attorney, Courtney will help you get paid for your work using the best tools. And she will be held to rigorous standards and understand statutes and rules that non-lawyer lien services don't even know.

When you're ready to talk about liens or other legal and business challenges, call Courtney at 651-484-4412.

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