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iStock_000012238354SmallMinnesota Construction Law Services represents small business owners in a wide variety of industries including retail, professional services, construction, and business services. Clients choose our firm so that they can work with a lawyer who’s been in their shoes, who spent 14 years as a small business owner before going to law school. No amount of time working with business owners as clients can give an attorney the understanding of what it is like to own and operate your own business. Until you’ve owned a business and experienced the highs and lows that come with the territory, it is impossible to understand what it takes to represent a business owner as her attorney.

With Minnesota Construction Law Services, business owners’ legal needs are met in the following areas:

  • New business start-ups
  • Buy/Sell and partnership issues
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Vendor relations
  • UCC issues
  • Contract disputes
  • Licensing
  • Employment issues
  • Sales and use tax issues
  • Warranty claims
  • Business buying and selling
  • Succession planning

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Attorney Bill Gschwind is one of a small number of lawyers with a master’s degree in business administration, an MBA. He worked as an inside and outside sales representative, sales manager, and small business owner. He has served clients as a business consultant and continues to use those skills in his law practice to help clients develop strategic plans that lead to quantum leaps in business performance. When you choose to work with Minnesota Construction Law Services, you get more than a business lawyer. You work with an attorney who knows business the way you do, from the owner’s perspective.

We know that keeping up with the complexities of the law and regulatory compliance is not the reason you got into business. Our Legal Services Protection Plans are designed to take the legal monkeys off of your back so that you can focus on what you do best, knowing that your business is taken care of. The Plans put you in control of your legal expenses so there are no surprises. Best of all, you don’t ever have to avoid calling with a question because you don’t want the large invoice that comes next. With our Plans, we never charge for phone calls and emails so you and your employees and get the right answers to your questions without fearing the big law firm bill.